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As a registered PE

How to register a PE

If you want to start a business but do not know how, then go for the start of the tax and register there the private enterprise (PE).

You will need

  • Application for state registration in the form №Z21001 approved by the RF Government Decree of 19.06.2002 №439-
  • notarized copy of the passport zaverennaya-
  • A document confirming payment of gosposhliny-
  • The money for the courier or mail.



Step one - to pay the state fee for opening of private enterprise. Its size - 400 rubles. This can be done in any branch of Sberbank.

How to register a PE


Next you need to make a copy from your passport. It must be notarized. If there is no copy of it when they apply will need to provide the original passport.

How to register a PE


In any law firm or in the printing takethe application form to the tax. Fill the sample. And collected in a single set of documents. Then, the packet is sent to the tax or by courier (in this case, you need to write a notarized power of attorney), or send a mail with a declared value and the embedded inventory.

How to register a PE


If your documents are in order, the taxinspection within 5 days to consider your request to register a company and send you your documents. Vnego entering: certificate of state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur on Form N Z61001 and extract from the Unified State Register of individual entrepreneurs. Now you can safely open their own business.

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