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As a registered mark

Trademark Registration - a complex and long-term process

If you want to register your brand, know that you can do it yourself only if your company is Russian.

If this rule is complied with? begin preparations for registration.

You will need

  • To do this, you will need to examine the legislation, to develop and create cartoon brand layout, write an application and pay the state duty to collect the documents.



Carefully read the Law "On Trademarks?".


Develop and create a pattern layout of your brand.


Determine the list of goods and / or services for which you want to register mark. To do this, carefully examine the International Classification of Goods and Services, and stop for a code that suits you.


Check your future mark patentability. This can be done through the registry of registered trademarks: both national and international. Carry this list with great care? from this curled further procedure of registration.


Pay a state fee.


Aim to Rospatent its application for registration of the brand in the prescribed form.


To attach your application documents package: receipt of payment of state duty, a copy of the company (or a certificate of registration SP) statutory documents, as well as a letter FSGS, which is necessary to specify the statistical codes assigned to your company.


After Rospatent receive your documents,he will hold a formal examination. If your documents fully conform to the requirements of the law, you will be admitted to the next stage.


Rospatent to hold an examination of the mark. If everything is in order and there are no violations, your brand will be registered.

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