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As a registered iPhone

How to register iPhone

Happy iPhone owners, irresistiblyseeking to fill its new? toy? all sorts of applications, music and video, face the need to register in the AppStore, to become full participants? arms race ?.

In some confusion many usersplunges the need for the proverbial credit card. But it turns out, is much more important to have iTunes-player, and the latest version of e-mail account in international format (ending in com or net).

So what is next ? simple.



Open the iTunes, find the iTunes Store icon, then? Click? on the App Store.


Select your country, then any free app (? Indifferent? To having a credit card) and click Get App.


Then kindly agree to registerAccount: familiarize? the license agreement, then enter your valid email address (ending with the previously mentioned), password, and other requested data (using transliteration).


It remains to choose the method of payment of the offered credit cards to choose from (unless you have one, select? None?).


Waiting for the activation confirmation, sent tosaid box, click on the link in an email, and sign in. On the request to enter the Apple ID, enter your email address and password you provided during registration.
Done! Sea free applications are now at your disposal.

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