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How to register a garden plot


How to register a garden plot</a>

Recently, demand for land acquisition has increased.

The land that is in the garden associationsIt is often much cheaper than the plots that are allocated for individual housing construction. Therefore, such sites are of interest to potential buyers who want to save money.

To register a garden plot, follow the standard procedure.



Ask the Chairman of the Garden AssociationDocuments that indicate the ownership and location of your land within the boundaries of this society. Send the request to the Russian State Archives. Here you must issue an archival copy of the decree that this land Plot Really you are highlighted in this garden partnership. Usually the term of the grant is one month.


Receive an extract from the business register about the availability of your right to a garden orchard Plot In the garden partnership, if it is provided forConducting on it a personal part-time farm. To do this, contact the local government, which is located at the location of the land. Issuance of an extract from the economic book is issued free of charge in duplicate. Its form was approved by the Order of the Federal Registration Service of Russia.


Please contact the above documents at the BTI(Bureau of Technical Inventory), which is located at the location of the land for the registration of land management. It is required for registration of the cadastral plan of the site. Conduct surveying land management objects.


Complete the cadastral plan. To do this, please apply with the application to the Russian Federal Property Agency of your territory. Provide the collected documents to the Office of the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation for the implementation of state registration of ownership of land garden Plot. Pay the state registration fee. The term of this procedure is one month. Requesting additional documents from the applicant for state registration of his ownership of land Plot not provided. At the end of the procedure, records are entered in the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate.

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