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How to register a business correctly

How to register a business correctly

If you open a business, do not delay registration until later, thinking that the tax authorities do not have. To conduct business legally - then register it.

Let us try to understand in what form it is best to do, and as the cost of registration as small as possible means and forces.



Typically, the entrepreneur has a choice: register as an individual entrepreneur (SP) or to create a legal entity (usually a limited liability company - LLC). And in fact, and in another embodiment, there are advantages and disadvantages.


SP is registered only on one person, butactually has all the rights of legal entities, freely uses the proceeds, it is not required to have a registered capital. However, he is responsible for the obligations of all its assets. He has no right to engage in trade in alcohol. The process of registering IP easier and less expensive.


The company, all participants are responsible onlywithin the framework of the authorized capital, ie, money. To register, LLC requires the authorized capital (while small - 10,000 rubles, it can make the property), the current account, and print. The company need to appoint a director. Withdraw funds Ltd. has the right only for specific purposes (as to the account of the company is owned company, rather than its founders). And the company, and the SP may use the simplified taxation system.


To register, you need to find the IP in the Internetan application form for registration of IP, fill it in and go to the tax office, taking with him a passport and two copies of it, and two copies of the certificate VAT. Register IP tax inspection carried out at the place of residence. The tax you will be given a receipt for payment of state duty and sent to a notary to certify the documents. The state fee - 800 rubles. The notary certifies the statement, a copy of the passport and tax of about 500-1000 rubles. Then you need to go back to the tax, to give documents and write a statement about the transition to a simplified system of taxation in duplicate. Within five working days in the same tax, you must obtain a certificate of registration of IP and an extract from the register of individual entrepreneurs (USRRE). From this point on, you can consider yourself a registered entrepreneur. After that there is only open a bank account and get statistics codes at the Federal Service of State Statistics.


Company registration in Moscow carries out inspectionIFTS №46. To register a company need to prepare a package of constituent documents, which will include two original copies of the Charter of the Company, the general meeting of participants of the Protocol on the establishment of LLC (when two or more founders) and the receipt of the state duty payment is 4000 rubles. Also, you must submit an application (form R11001), the applicant's signature - one of the founders - notarized. If desired, Ltd., as the SP may use the simplified taxation system, it is necessary to write a statement about the transition to a simplified system of taxation in duplicate. Within five business days of the founders will receive a certificate of state registration of tax registration, registered constituent documents, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Entities) and documents confirming registration with the Federal Service of State Statistics. Then you will need to open an account in the bank and order prints.


The registration procedure will cost approximately Ltd.5000-7000 rubles. If entrepreneurs turn to a specialized firm, they will have to pay for at least the same amount, but it will save time and effort.

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