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As a registered brand

How to register a brand

Brand (trademark) - recognizable and legally protected symbols of any goods or services.

The issue of registration of its own brand almost always confronts successful companies.

Types of brands and the purpose of their registration

brands on the market are different variety. Among them, in particular, can be identified:
- Verbal (Deutsche Bank) -
- Arbitrary designations (Coca-Cola, Sony, Nikon, etc.) -
- Nominal (Ford, Hilton) -
- Letters (GM, FIAT) -
- Pictures (Lacoste) -
- Sound (Nokia) -
- Containing elements (star for Mercedes-Benz).
Development of the brand is carried out on the basis of the objectivespositioning of goods on the market. It contains the basic elements of the sign industry or company. As a rule, before the registration of brands tested in front of customers in terms of their compliance with the company. Such an analysis is often carried out through focus groups. All brands have two signs. They always have a distinctive ability and should not mislead consumers.

Among the most valuable brands today include Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Google, Microsoft, GE, McDonald.

The main reason for the companydevelop and register their own trademarks - the need for individualization of their own goods and services. Using the original designations - one of the most effective ways of marketing promotion.
Recognizable trade mark allows consumersto identify the goods. Often, buyers are willing to pay more for the well-known brand. Having a brand is for a kind of guarantee of quality buyers.

Stages registration brand

In Russia, the registration of brands engagedRospatent. It annually receives thousands of applications for registration. Prior registration is carried out examination of the claimed brand. So that you will not fail to register, you must first check the brand on the basis of previously registered marks. To do this, carried out a search on the Rospatent database to identify similar designations. If necessary, rework performed trademarks.
brand registration procedure rigidlyIt is regulated by law and includes a number of stages. Originally formed by the application for registration of the brand, as well as the stamp duty is payable. The list of supporting documents prescribed in the Civil Code.

Next Rospatent examination filedapplication. As part of the formal examination of experts check the conformity of the submitted documents required by Russian law. As a result of the applicant being denied consideration or accept his application to work.

Illegal use of the trade mark entails civil, administrative and criminal liability.

In the next stage, the examination of the claimed designation for its originality and the absence of similarities with other elements.

Upon successful completion of the stateregistration certificate is issued to the applicant on the brand. It confirms the company's exclusive intellectual property rights in the form of a trademark. It remains only to put it on the accounting of the enterprise as an intangible asset. To carry out the registration of the brand can be by itself or through intermediaries, for example, legal and law firm.

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