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How to remove the CPU cooler

HOW wash stove radiator

How to wash the stove radiator

Needless dirty stove radiator is not able to provide a vehicle interior a sufficient amount of heat.

That deprives the occupants of pleasure to bask in the warm car during a trip in the winter.

You will need

  • Brush with a soft bristle or paint brush,
  • a chemical solution for flushing the cooling system.



During autumn preparation of the car for use in the winter season should definitely check radiator heater interior for its purity, both outside and inside.


When it is detected that the surface of the radiatorthe stove is not enough free of foreign substances, are removed using a hair brush or ordinary paint brush. Upon completion of work the radiator is blown by compressed air.


If the shot from the radiator heater resulted rusty, muddy liquid, it is also necessary to clean the interior of Bay inside a chemical solution to clean the cooling system.

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