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How to wash the heater radiator


How to wash the heater radiator</a>

A excessively contaminated stove radiator is not able to provide the car interior with sufficient heat.

What deprives the driver and passengers of the pleasure of basking in a warm car during a trip in the winter.

You will need

  • A brush with a soft pile or a paintbrush,
  • Chemical solution for washing the cooling system.



During the autumn preparation of the car for operation in the winter season, it is necessary to check the radiator of the interior heater for its cleanliness, both outside and inside.


When it is found that the surface of the radiatorThe stove is not sufficiently cleaned from foreign deposits, they are removed with the help of a hair brush or an ordinary paint brush. At the end of the work, the radiator is blown by compressed air.


If a rusty, turbid liquid has poured out of the removed radiator of the heater, then its insides must also be cleaned by pouring a chemical solution into the interior of the cooling system.

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