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HOW wash diesel

How to wash diesel

Modern diesel engines are generally equipped with turbines and gas recovery system.

The introduction of these technologies contributes to the intense contamination of engine oil different products of combustion.

Therefore, the timely replacement of oil in the diesel engine lubrication system is one of the measures aimed at increasing the length of the vehicle power plant life.

You will need

  • - engine oil,
  • - Flushing oil.



Replacing the engine oil is carried out afterOwned vehicle every 10 thousand kilometers. Simultaneously with the discharge of oil from the motor and all the impurities are removed therein that promote intensive wear surfaces rubbing parts and the piston crank mechanism of the engine group.


However, one oil change for qualitycleaning the interior surfaces of the engine is not enough. Because with, experts strongly recommend that motorists carry out an intermediate rinsing diesel engine special flushing oil, and after his removal to fill the engine fresh engine oil.


For a more thorough cleaning of the lubrication system withwarm engine is drained or pumped completed the period of engine oil, twisted cork in the sump (if the oil is drained, not pumped out), the system is filled by level, in accordance with the mark on the dipstick with the flushing oil, after which the engine is started, and let it run 5 -10 minutes. After this time, wash removed, and diesel engine fueled with fresh oil.

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