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HOW parallel connected lamps

As parallel connected lamps

The lighting in the apartment is an integralelement design space. As an optimal variant can be used safely spotlights that provide uniform lighting of the room.

In addition, they are able to emphasize every detail of the interior design.

Connecting fixtures can be made in several ways.

The simplest to install is considered to be a parallel circuit.

You will need

  • - switch-
  • - Patron-electric
  • - VVG- cable
  • - Lamp.



Parallel connection means connectionlamps with a wire that goes from the junction box. For these purposes RAKE terminal set from which the wires are started subsequently to lighting sources.


Before you connect the lamps, set thepower rectifiers, preventing frequent burnout light bulbs. To ensure their safety wires must be threaded through the special form. However, they in any case should not be in direct contact with the metal frame elements. This will help avoid damage to the insulation.


In places where the installation will be carried outlamp, make the holes which will later be mounted devices. The hole should fit the shape of the lamp. The procedure is carried out its teething stages. First is itself a hole, then made it fit.


Parallel power connection schemeLighting is quite simple. It involves the connection of devices to the veins of cables at three points, such as the ground, zero phase. Correct connection is checked for signs for the terminal.


When connected in parallel, each subsequentthe device is connected through the loop from the previous one. It may be: a phase to phase, zero to zero and so on. In a similar way, you can connect any number of branches with a different number of lamps, given the general power of the lighting system. To do this, the cable from the junction box to connect the lamp terminals, and then connect the cable here is going to the next device. As a result, should get a chain of them.


After connecting to the lamp conductors must be drown in the hole and secure it with a spring-loaded bracket.

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