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How to connect lamps in parallel


How to connect lamps in parallel</a>

Lighting in the apartment is an integralElement of the design of the room. As an optimal option, you can use safe spotlights that provide uniform lighting of the room.

In addition, they are able to emphasize every detail of the interior design.

Connecting lamps can be done in several ways.

The simplest installation is a parallel circuit.

You will need

  • - switch-
  • - electric cartridge-
  • - VVG-
  • - A light bulb.



Parallel connection means connectionFixtures with a wire that goes from the junction box. For these purposes, a multi-tap terminal is installed, from which wires are subsequently sent to the light sources.


Before connecting the fixtures, installEnergy rectifiers that prevent frequent bulb fading. To ensure their safety conductors must be put in a special form. In this case, they should not in any case directly contact the metal elements of the frame. This will help to avoid damage to the insulation.


In the places where the installation will be carried outA luminaire, make holes in which devices will be built in the future. The hole must correspond to the shape of the luminaire. The procedure for eradication is carried out in stages. First, the hole itself is made, after which it is adjusted.


Parallel connection scheme sourceLighting is quite simple. It involves connecting the devices to the cores of the cables at three points, such as ground, zero, phase. The correctness of the connection is verified by the pointers on the terminal.


With parallel connection each subsequentThe device is connected via a loop from the previous one. It can be: from phase to phase, from zero to zero and so on. In this way, you can connect any number of branches with different number of luminaires, taking into account the total power of the lighting system. To do this, connect the cable from the junction box to the terminals of the luminaire, and then connect the cable to the next device here. The result should be a chain of them.


After connecting the luminaire to the conductors, it must be drowned into the hole and fixed using spring-loaded brackets.

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