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To create your own concepts necessary to understand a little bit in electronics.

Without the ability to wield a soldering iron and drill a scheme can not be created.

You also need to know all the values ​​(ohms, microfarads, etc.) and some of the terminology (voltage, current, resistance).

It is important to know how the circuit board etching process of PCB, which are used both in industry and in the radio community.

You will need

  • A piece of PCB, drill, awl, tape



The size of the drawing you must choose a suitable piece of PCB. Cut a piece, then treat irregular edges with a file. Put your device on the printed circuit a feeBy bending the edge of the circuit on the board. Then wrap the edges with duct tape or electrical tape. Now you need an awl to mark the place of the preliminary drilling. After application of all drilling points, remove the paper from the circuit board PCB. Using a thin drill bit, drill holes at the marks that were made with an awl.


Then you need to handle a feeNamely, board walk through a small skin,to remove any roughness. During sanding, do not touch the surface of the board, which has been emptied - you can leave grease stains. If you still touched a fee fingers degrease its surface with an alcohol (acetone).


After printing on a feeIt is necessary to prepare a solution, which willrender your card. Today, there are many recipes for the preparation of such solutions. It all depends on your choice. etching circuit boards produced in plastic or porcelain pans. Do not forget that during the etching a fee of the PCB must be turned periodically. If you want to quickly etch a fee, Heat the solution to 50-60 degrees, but not more.


Once the board is etched, pull it out and let it dry for a while, then again walk sandpaper to smooth out all the rough edges.

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