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How to etch the board


How to etch the board</a>

To create your own circuit diagrams, you need at least a little understanding of radio electronics.

Without the ability to own a soldering iron and a drill your circuit can not be created.

It is also necessary to know all the values ​​(Ohm, Microfarad, etc.) and some terms (voltage, current, resistance).

It is very important to know how the etching process of cards from textolite is being carried out, which are used both in industry and in the communities of radio technicians.

You will need

  • A piece of textolite, a drill, an awl, an adhesive tape



By the size of the drawing you need to find the right piece of textolite. Cut out a piece, then treat the uneven edges with a file. Attach the paper circuit of your device to the Pay, Bending the edges of the circuit on the board. Then wrap its edges with tape or tape. Now you will need an awl to mark the preliminary drilling site. After applying all the drilling points, remove the paper circuit from the PCB board. Using a thin drill, drill the holes on the marks that were made with the awl.


Then you need to process Pay, Namely, walk on the board with a fine peel,To remove all the roughness. During stripping, do not touch the surface of the board that has been cleaned - you can leave greasy stains. If you still hurt Pay Fingers, degrease its surface with alcohol (acetone).


After drawing the picture on Pay, It is necessary to prepare a solution in whichEtched your fee. To date, there are many recipes for the preparation of such solutions. It all depends on your choice. Etching boards are produced in plastic or porcelain cuvettes. Do not forget that during etching Pay From the textolite it is necessary to periodically turn over. If you want to quickly etch Pay, Heat the solution to 50-60 degrees, but no more.


As soon as the board is etched, remove it and leave to dry for a while, then walk again with the sandpaper to smooth out all the roughnesses.

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