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As a man to build a relationship with the mother

As a man to build a relationship with the mother

Subject-in-law and mother-in relationship is not in vain so often used in jokes.

Their relationship is really in most cases, are strained.

Both men build these relationships?

The most common-law wife's mother perceives as interferingapplication to his wife and mother-in-law-in-law - as the cause of all the problems her daughter. There may be other reasons for tensions, but, in fact, they see each other as antagonists.

The essence of the eternal conflict

From the mother-a major cause of conflictIt is the fact that the son begins to have rights to her daughter, whom she brought up for many years, and has invested a huge amount of effort into its development and education. Man, as a rule, do not think about it and take for granted that he gets a girlfriend, and anything to anyone for it should not. A mother-in-law takes it as some injustice: "I came on all ready and not even thinks that he owes it to me."

Of course, this conflict occurs is hidden, itparticipants do not even realize its essence, and then simply manifest dissatisfaction, which can swell up to serious conflicts. Reins can be small events - not put the cup, not the voice said, and etc.

What is the difficulty for the son-in relationship with the mother?

Mother-in-law, as the rich life experiences of women,It can often put in the position of son-blame and responsibility to use the theme to hurt him. The theme of responsibility is the most sensitive issue for men, especially if it is not originally his strong features. A man has always the most bites notes that it is something I could not, something it did not work. Such comments are very painful they are perceived, and mother-in-law, if desired, intently studying her daughter's family, may issue such notes in unlimited quantities. And the less a man succeeded in life and subject to such remarks and the more mother-in-law wants to hurt him in this direction, the stronger and brighter conflict erupted.

How to treat in-law to his mother, to build ita harmonious relationship? As in the case of relations with the mother-in Vedic philosophy encourages men to treat the mother-in even better than their own parents. And this attitude must be cultivated to the level of feelings, not just in words. If the man admits that he is, in fact, something is obliged to mother-and it shows in their attitude, then part of the main hidden conflict may come to naught, and the relationship with the mother may be very positive and warm. If a man refers to his mother initially disrespectful - tension necessarily manifest itself in one form or another. Parents forgive disrespect spouse harder than their parents as their children's parents are originally much easier.

If the mother-in-law too interferes with family life

When the mother-in-law too is trying to control everything,what happens in a young family, it will inevitably have a negative impact on the relationship. Here, man as a head of the family has to put border intervention and clearly explain the mother-in where and to what extent it can interfere in the life of a young family. If a man will build these limits without violating the principle of respecting and showing responsibility towards his wife, the mother-in-law will take its rules and will treat them with respect. The man takes a great responsibility towards the family, the less he will be subject to a sense of guilt that mother-in-law may seek to impose.

To a man to avoid conflict with the relationsmother-in, you must understand the characteristics of these relationships and build relations on the basis of certain principles. However, in most cases, it is advisable young family still live separately and schedule time to talk with my parents.

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