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AS a haircut cascade

How to make a haircut cascade

Make a haircut cascade can be both short and long hair.

Regardless of the length, it helps to make the hair more luxuriant and is suitable for almost everyone.

The main instruments are straight and thinning scissors and comb and hair clips.

You will need

  • - Direct nozhnitsy-
  • - Scissors for cutting out pryadey-
  • - comb-
  • - Barrettes.



Before working moisten the hair and then carefullycomb. If the hair is dirty, first wash them, and then towel dry a little. There are several ways to make a haircut cascade on hair of different lengths. If they barely reach the shoulders or slightly below their level, it should start from the top. Each time, working with one area, attach the rest of the hair using bobby pins.


Scroll lock 1-1.5 cm thick and cut,as required. It will control the entire hairstyle. Typically, its length is 5-8 cm. Alternately podchesyvaya remaining strands thereto occipital zone shorten them with scissors to direct the same level.

How to make a haircut cascade


Trim the length of the control hair strands lateral and frontal areas.

How to make a haircut cascade


Do the same with the temporal region and the parietal area lock by lock.

How to make a haircut cascade


The described method is assumed to be the length of hairzachesyvanii at the top. Then it turns elegant volume haircut with bangs is quite long. To make it shorter, comb the hair of the parietal area forward. Highlight of her new control and trim the strand along the length of the rest, capturing the temples.


To make the haircut cascade of long hairTake a test strand from the front. Then pull the hair on hair partings parallel to the floor and cut at her level. So, go through all the hair area to the back of the head.

How to make a haircut cascade


After the basic work carefullyComb your hair and trim the beaten out strands and individual hairs. Repeat this step several times. If the hair is straight, it is better to treat the thinning shears, preferably at several levels to create additional volume.


Form a "cascade" gives hair natural andbeauty. This hairstyle is easy to style, most importantly, properly dry the hair. You can use a hair dryer and let them dry in a natural way, occasionally whipping your hands. Especially impressive cascade of long hair looks.

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