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The guys do their hair wet effect

How to make a guy with hair wet effect

Hairstyles with wet effect today are incredibly popular among boys.

They are ideal for short hair and create a very stylish and trendy image, which can assess the true representatives of the fair sex.

Formation wet effect

To create a stylish "wet" laying wash andComb your hair, then apply a gel or mousse to wet hair effect. The hair at the same time must be moist. When applying styling, pay special attention to the ends of the hair and try not to overdo it with the amount of funds used to avoid heavier hair. Form the strands with your fingers, and then let the hair dry yourself.

To accelerate the process of drying the hair, you can use a hair dryer, turns combing strands fingers up under a hot air jet.

To create hairstyles with wet effect onShort hair stylists recommend the use of appropriate hair gels, and for the long curls ideal similar sprays. Make a "wet" hairstyle without special cosmetics will not work, so you should choose the right professional styling.

Good product with wet effect

The most popular means for formingmen's hairstyles are considered gels for hair weak or medium of fixation, as strong fixation would not provide the desired effect and make unnatural hair. For qualitative fixing tips wax is used more often, which correct fixes them and gives hair Man finished look. To make it look even more volume, you can do in the cabin highlights individual strands.

To create a men's hairstyles with wet effect is best to choose a gel with the addition of styling wax.

The well-proven tools for"Wet" hairstyle should pay attention to the products of such well-known manufacturers as L'Or? Al, Londa and Schwarzkopf. Owners of fine hair of medium length can safely give preference sprays and lacquers, L'Or? Al, Schwarzkopf, Moltobene and Wella. The excellent mousse for curly hair is manufactured by Vitarus, Syoss and Wella.
If you want to put the individual strands in hisclassy styling, get this kind of styling products as teksturayzery. This product is quite expensive, but when using the hair does not need to dry the hair dryer, limited stacking fingers. Most quality teksturayzery considered that produce such manufacturers of professional cosmetics - MatrixAmplify, KEUNE and GOLDWELL.

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