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As a gift to the newborn to make an individual?

what to give newborn

At friends or relatives born baby, and I want to congratulate them original and useful gift.

The question arises: cosmetics personal hygiene, diapers, baby food - the necessary things, but quickly spent.

Strollers, cribs, toys, clothes - good right, but impersonal. Metrics, embroidered and hung in a frame on the wall - a gift to the individual, but little-used in the home.

How to combine all?

Metric embroidered on the garment, and even better on thetowel. And not necessarily to embroider a picture in the whole diapers, enough, even if the date of birth or name on the booties, and already they do not want nobody peredarivat. Well, towel, and can generally stay for life with his owner.
If a man makes a gift, it canuse cautery device and make pictures with metrics on tablets, wooden cubes and designers, putting it to other, more ephemeral gifts. And even more original - burn patterns and metrics directly on the wooden parts of the crib or other furniture, paint pattern pram - but that's for the gifted craftsmen.
And if you have neither the time nor talent, nor spare,money, you can buy, at least a few newspapers with a number coinciding with the date of birth. And ask the parents to present the child of a pack of eighteen years - let him know what was happening in the world on the day of his birth.

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