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How to develop the brain

How to develop the brain

Brain development, increasing itsintellectual level for young means better results in their studies, for middle-aged people - opportunities to make a career, and for the elderly - to maintain mental clarity and prevention of diseases of the brain.

Inspired by the development of mind, many achieve impressive results, and even become the winners of the "Guinness Book of Records."

Many people have already reached incredibly highresults in the development of the brain. Someone has computing capabilities at the machine level. Someone has a phenomenal memory for events and figures. Someone speaks fluently and writes in hundreds of languages. From this we can conclude that the average person uses his mental abilities by only a few percent. And scientists, neuroscientists have confirmed this fact.

To train the brain activity developed many exercises and training methods. Most of them can be grouped into several separate areas for training.

The main methods of intelligence

Learning the mother tongue and foreign languages. Serious learning a new foreign language in the brain creates an extended neural network needed to memorize new words, phrases, rules for constructing speech grammar. The same is true for a constant learning their native language, vocabulary, while working on literacy, speech and writing. In addition, knowledge of one or more foreign languages ​​- a great advantage in employment and promotion of the career ladder.

Neurons - structural and functional unitthe human nervous system. From these cells, having a highly complex structure and function, and their processes is the brain and the spinal cord of humans and animals.

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Ambidexterity - the ability to perform all actionsequally well for both right and left hand. For the actions to be taken in each hand, meets one of the cerebral hemispheres. Skills development, carried out with his left hand (for left - right) activates the previously inactive hemisphere creates new connections between individual neurons and between the hemispheres.

The brain is not only sends control pulsesbody muscles, causing them to shrink, to relax and to perform any action. Active lifestyle, regular physical activity, acquiring new physical skills 2 times accelerates the formation of new neurons in the brain. Effective relationship in the opposite direction. It is experimentally proved that if the imagination to imagine the process of physical training as much as possible bright, it gives a good gain in muscle strength. Thus, for small muscles increase in strength was 35% for 3 months, for large - 13%.

For the targeted development of the brain inventednew science - neyrobika. Originally it was intended for the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases of the elderly. But then it is shown to be effective among people of different ages. Neyrobiki basic principle - to do the usual things in unusual ways. For example, Dress shoes and with my eyes closed, to perform household chores with one or two eyes closed, inverted reading books. At work, you can go different routes in the workplace often do permutation. Television broadcasts viewed without the sound or to listen with your eyes closed, conjecturing that is not seen or heard.

Most travel. Learning about other people's lives, geography, meet all kinds of people. At all times the travel were considered the best way to become a smart and well-rounded person. But in primitive times - the only way. Therefore, for the primitive people it was considered a matter of course to hear an oral description of the many kilometers of the route, a few years later to repeat this route, and the first time to find the right tree or a rock in the final point of the path.

Classes are fine arts developing brainactivity. Singing, playing music, painting, listening to good music develop imaginative and creative thinking. Moreover, the developing relationship between the hemispheres of the brain and increases the intellectual level of a person. Scientists call it the "Mozart effect".


Also it contributes to proper development of the brain,healthy and balanced diet, avoiding harmful habits, consumption of sufficient amounts of water. Especially nutritious for the brain: walnuts, almonds, chocolate, coffee and cocoa, fatty fish, wild berries. Have a significant effect, and special medications, dietary supplements.

Smoking impairs the supply of oxygen to the brain,leads to hypoxia impairs nerve cells and brain activity. Alcohol leads to the death of a large number of neurons, which had a negative impact on intelligence.

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All these exercises and tips will helprepeatedly to increase the results of brain activity. Achieve 100 per cent capacity utilization did not happen though, because the possibilities have not been studied and are not defined the boundaries. To find opportunities borders, it is necessary to go beyond them into the impossible!

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