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As the crisis begins

As the crisis begins

The crises in the economy - the painful stages in the history, depriving millions of people of work and savings.

The ability to recognize the crisis at an early stage can help a person to save their money, and sometimes even to remain "in the black".

Decline of the purchasing power

Prices of basic products in the stores needbegin to grow, while salaries remain the same. This financial situation is called a "crisis of overproduction". The most serious crisis of overproduction occurred in the 30s in the United States and was called "The Great Depression". Millions of Americans were on the street, and only a competent policy of President Franklin D. Roosevelt made it possible to minimize casualties.

Currency fluctuations

quotations Changes occur for severalreasons. First, instability (including bankruptcy), large enterprises and entire nations is the activity of traders stock exchange earning on fluctuations. A number of traders tends not to earn, and to minimize losses, underestimating the price of "unreliable" financial instruments, wishing them more to sell.
Since the crises, 1987 ( "Black Monday") and 2008years have been linked to excessive speculation Japanese currency (Yen). On the crisis (and the reduction of the exchange rate) is often also influenced political events, especially the war.

According to the theory Kondratieff, the economy consists of cyclic periods lasting 40-60 years. Recessions and crises of society needs to "reset" the financial system.

Mass reduction

Due to the decrease in purchasing powerpopulation, a number of companies losing market, goods are sold, cash flow ends. It is necessary to pay salaries, but there is no money. Fires "domino effect." The ruin of a few large companies can cause the bankruptcy of all the others.
If people are on the street (in this newspaperoften reported), this again leads to lower purchasing power. All parts of the system are interconnected. Therefore, the crisis can affect even relatively economically prosperous sectors of the market.

Historians believe that the first economic crisis occurred in ancient Rome. He was summoned to the government debt and short-sighted policy "violent deflation."


The theory of "Antihrupkosti" was proposedAmerican financier Nicholas Taleb. According to the theory of "fragile" financial systems rely on loans and deal with "Leverage" (shoulder, a loan secured by existing cash and liquidity of the system), while the "antihrupkie" believe cash and a small investment in high-risk assets.
According to Taleb, the global financial crisis of 2008the year was due to the fragility of the new financial instruments - derivatives and credit bonds. Track popular financial operations of the stock market can help to define the beginning of the crisis sooner.

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