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HOW speak toothache

How to speak toothache

In the world you can find a few people who did not experience at least once in a lifetime toothache.

These exhausting piercing sensation is almost impossible to appease - so often people use traditional methods, among which also includes magic.

Conspiracy pain in the teeth - rituals

To pacify the toothache, there are manyvarious rituals - because in the old dentistry hardly been developed, and people were forced to seek refuge from the aching tooth. Since then, medicine has leaped forward, but Fast-Talk toothache remains popular and relevant in today's society.

It is from ancient times and went to the saying "not to speak my teeth," which means to divert a person from any problems.

Among the effective plots toothacheIt refers ritual with water, held at the moon. Read it should be in the evening, facing the moon. The arms should be kept at the same vessel with the raw water and zagovarivat repeating seven times following words:
"Keeper of the heavens and the traditions, and the Lord of the ownerezenov, Zayani and Tengri. Vouchsafed me in my committing ritual! Help me and realized its direct intervention in my affairs! Fill my body with vital energy. Engorged my mind healing light of consciousness. Fill my soul with his invisible presence. Whether to me sympathetic and noble, I will deliver me from the terrible pain. Now and ever, take the pain out of my teeth. "
Equally proven itself and the nextritual. For its implementation need to wash your hands and the door bracket with water, pour it over the threshold and draw the patient's tooth crosses with the words: "Dawn-lightning, fair maiden, dark polunochnitsa. In the rabbit, the stone in the sea, at the bottom of Limar. Set, lightning, his mournful fatoyu my teeth from Limar proklyatogo- under the cover of your so they remain intact. Enemy Limar, get off me- and will continue to gnaw my teeth white, I must admit you in the abyss of hell. My word is strong, Amen, Amen, Amen! "

Psychological remedy for toothache

If the plots do not help, you can useone proven method of deceiving the nerve endings of the brain. To do this, you need to switch it Hemisphere to signaling and nerve endings reversed. For example, perfectly helps the temporary use of the left hand for right-handers, and vice versa.

The brain is a familiar sensation switches to processing the new tasks, thus detracting from the source of the toothache.

Excellent effect gives a clove of garlic,tied on the inside of the wrist, which is parallel to the side with a sick tooth. You can also change clothes for twenty minutes on the other hand watch or wedding ring. It helps attempt to write unusual for this arm, or any other similar, in fact, the action.

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