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As a component of the estimate for roof repairs

How is the estimate for roof repairs

In order to properly make an estimate for the repair of the roof, you need to know about the cost of materials, to make the calculation of their amount, to take into account all the operations that will be carried out during the repair of the roof.

For private developers and manufacturers have different requirements for the preparation of the estimates.

You will need

  • - The standard form or a sheet of plain Paper
  • - Price value of materials-
  • - Information on the hourly wage rate of technology and labor rabochih-
  • - kalkulyator-
  • - Pen and karandash-
  • - defective act-
  • - Finally, a specialist on the list of necessary work and materials.



Each stage of construction should precedeestimates of the number of materials that will be required for the construction or finish elements of the building and planning for their purchase costs and wages and salaries. This preliminary analysis of the process of forthcoming works is called Budgeting. It is a set of records that give a full detailed picture of future costs. The estimate of an ordinary sheet of paper or on a special form. It should prepare the calculator as a high computational complexity.


Preliminary analysis. In the first place, it must take place to assess the current state of the roof, and secondly - found a way to eliminate its shortcomings. If the repair involves the replacement of the roof trim and cosmetic correction, it is necessary to determine the order, what materials will be used for this purpose.


For example, for surface repair of a roofenough to buy corrugated metal degreasing compounds (acetone, thinner, benzene), anti-corrosive primer and the desired number of cans of paint of the same color as the steel sheet itself. If the roof needs repair, make sure that does not require replacement of insulation, hydro and steam insulation, rafters or battens details. Also, the complexity of estimated future works: Does require additional manpower, which need tools.


For a private developer will be enough, if in the estimate will include the following items:
- A list of materials that would be needed to eliminate the drawbacks krovli-
- A list of the tool, with which is performed work-
- Labor costs of hired labor sile-
- Data on the cost of building materials per unit izmereniya-
- Calculation of the amount of materials-
- Transportation costs for delivery.


If the estimate is made on the productionfacility, the requirements of this document more serious. First, it runs exclusively on a special form, and secondly - each item must be documented. For example, the budgeted amount of a material must be justified by a defective act pre roof inspection and expert opinion on the need for repairs just this, and no other products.


A separate item in the document is calculatedthe cost of work directly related to roof repairs. This list should include all the operations that need to perform troubleshooting and defects. The estimate is laid and hourly (rate) of workers and the cost of operation of equipment.

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