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How to color strands of hair


How to color strands of hair</a>

A fairly simple way to radically change the image is to paint your hair. But in addition to a complete color change, there are other options, for example, toning of individual strands.

It can give an unusual effect, make the hairstyle unique.

How to paint strands of hair?

First decide what color you are going toTo dye hair. This determines the type of dye that you will need to choose, and the method of staining. For example, if you are a brunette and want to make yarns red, then they will have to discolor beforehand. Choose the type of hair dye. If you want to give the strands a specific shade for a short time, use a special mascara for hair or a shading shampoo. At the same time, note that you can not radically change the existing color. To color the shampoo, wash them with the strands chosen by you for staining. Mascara is simply applied to dry hair. For a longer lasting effect, use hair dyes. They can be of natural or artificial origin. The first category includes dyes based on henna and basma. They are somewhat less resistant, but much more useful for hair. In addition, color variations with such dyes are limited. Henna gives different shades of red, and basma - colors from dark chestnut to black. Artificial dyes can achieve a variety of shades, but you need to consider their negative effect on the hair, especially if they are combined with discoloration. For the dyeing, get a set. Usually it includes everything you need, including gloves and paintbrush. Strictly follow the instructions on the package, and then help you get the desired result. If you bought a dry henna or basma for hair, you will need to cook it yourself. To do this, mix them with water until the state of gruel. Then apply to the hair and leave for three to four hours. After that, wash your head and apply a special balm for it on your hair. Also, coffee, turmeric, tea, cocoa or even cranberry juice is added to the specific colors of the natural coloring.

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