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How to close the starter


How to close the starter</a>

During the operation of cars, there are situations when the engine does not start with a starter.

After turning the key in the ignition switchFrom under the hood, a characteristic sound is heard, confirming the inclusion of the retractor relay starter, but the gear that drives the engine flywheel does not rotate the crankshaft of the engine.

You will need

  • - Screwdriver.



A bit of theory. The retractor starter relay is equipped with an electromagnetic coil, a solenoid and a powerful contact group consisting of two bolts and washers made of copper. After the ignition switch is turned on and the current is applied to the coil winding, the solenoid moves, pushing the drive clutch, the gear of which engages the flywheel ring. Simultaneously, the solenoid closes the contacts located in the relay cover, through which the electric power is supplied to the windings of the starter.


Thanks to the constructive solution, as soon as"Bendix" is fully engaged with the flywheel, the starter is switched on, and it starts to rotate the engine crankshaft, which leads to the launch of the power plant.


But in cases where the contact surface is covered with an oxide film, the passage of current through them becomes impossible. Because copper oxide is a strong dielectric.


The only way out of this situation isTo start the engine, it remains to wind the starter and apply voltage to its windings. To start the engine, the hood rises from the machine, and the copper bolts located in the rear cover of the retractor starter relay are interlocked with a screwdriver.


During the forced start-up of the starter, the gearshift lever must be in neutral, the parking brake is tightened to the point of failure, the key in the ignition switch is rotated to the appropriate position.

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