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How can a child not become an outcast?


How can a child not become an outcast?</a>

In any collective, perhaps, there are people who keep themselves apart. They have little contact with other members of the team.

Do not participate in any common affairs and entertainment.

And sometimes it is completely unclear how they found themselves in a collective with whom they have so little in common.

The school class is also a collective. Sometimes even more difficult than an adult. After all, in an adult team, ethical requirements are still respected. What is not always found in children's groups. Children do not know how to tolerate people who are incomprehensible to them or in some ways different from them. Over such a child can not only joke, but even scoff.

A similar fate for one's child does notparent. And any parent will protect his child from the attacks of other children. But sometimes this kind of protection, which turns into excessive care, serves as an additional reason for mockery of the child by peers. Most often this exaggerated care is met by caring mothers. Therefore, from an early childhood, impressionable mothers must learn to own their emotions and impulses.

You need to learn to look calmly at abrasions andBumps in boys. Without panic, treat the ragged knees and torn dress with the girl. It is not necessary to make tragedy out of this and run with screams to look for the guilty. At least because in most cases the child gets similar injuries in the heat of the game, when he and his peers are so keen that they do not think about the safety of the nose and knees. And only together with a sense of pain, a sense of resentment creeps in.

Parents should sympathize with the child, but withoutSpecial emotions. You can specify what he feels at this moment. He will necessarily distract on comprehension of the feelings and much more quickly will calm down. So parents teach the child not to focus on failures and troubles. And this skill is very useful in children's team.

Another reason for separating the child fromCollective may be the inability to defend their point of view. It happens with children, for whom everything is always decided by cute parents or caring grandparents. Freedom and independence also need to be taught. Gradually, it is necessary to give the child the option of choosing everything in more situations. You can start with small household.

A child who is confident in her own abilities, alwaysWill be able to defend their rights. And if such a child is outside the collective, then only by his own will. And no one can call him an outcast, because, despite his isolation, he will certainly enjoy the respect of his peers.

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