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AS A child does not become an outcast

As a child does not become an outcast

In any team, perhaps there are people who are kept apart. They rarely communicate with other team members.

Do not participate in any general affairs and entertainment.

And sometimes it is very unclear how they were in the team, which has so little in common.

School classes - is also collective. Sometimes even more difficult than adults. After all, in the adult team still comply with the requirements of ethics. What is not always found in groups of children. Children are not able to tolerate those who do not understand them, or something different. Over such a child can not only fun, but even fun.

Such participation your child does not want anyparent. And any parent would protect her child from the attacks of other children. But sometimes it is this protection, turning into excessive care, is another opportunity for the mockery of a child by their peers. Most often this occurs exaggerated guardianship by caring mothers. Therefore, early childhood impressionable mothers must learn to control their emotions and impulses.

We must learn to calmly look at the bruises andbumps in boys. Do not panic treat knees and torn ragged dress the girl. Do not make a tragedy out of it and run screaming to point fingers. Not least because, in most cases, the child receives such damage in the heat of the game, when he and his peers are so passionate about, that do not think about the safety of the nose and knees. And only with a sense of pain creeps resentment.

Parents should feel sorry for the child, but withoutspecial emotions. You can specify what he feels at that moment. He will be distracted on the awareness of the feelings and calm down faster. So parents teach a child not to dwell on the failures and troubles. This ability is very useful in children's collective.

Another reason for the separation of the child fromthe team may be the inability to defend their point of view. This is what happens with the children, for whom everything is always decided lovely caring parents or grandparents. Freedom and independence, too, need to learn. Gradually the need to provide the child the opportunity to select all in more situations. You can start with a small household.

Child, confident in their own abilities, alwaysbe able to defend their rights. And if such a child and will be out of the team, only on their own. And no one will be able to call the outcast, because, in spite of the isolation, he will certainly be respected by their peers.

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