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As a certified skills

How to certify skills

One of the features of the network role-playing game Lineage II is to obtain a character special abilities subclass.

To do this, you need to go through the procedure of certification of skills relevant for the player reaches level 65 character development.

You will need

  • - Internet connection-
  • - An active account on the server Lineage II-
  • - Installed client games-
  • - The character, developed to 65 levels.



Turn character in one of the core classes. To do this, move to the next town and find a guild that fits the race and class of your character. For example, if the character relates to the orcs, dark elves and the Kamael, it can only become a member of the respective guilds, while the gnomes can go to the forge or in storage, depending on their profession blacksmith or collector. As for the humans and elves military classes, open to them the warriors guild or temple, and mages can come into your guild or temple. Find a character class "Grand Master", "Pontiff" or "The Grand Master" and start a dialogue with him. Select "Subclass", then "Change subclass", then you select the appropriate main class.


Navigate to the location "Academy Hardin"using the teleport in the city of Giran. Find character Hardin and get his quest. If you pass it, your character will receive a certificate to one of skill subclass.


Use another method of obtaining the desiredyour skills. To do this, you must first, as described above, to move to the nearest city and proceed to the guild, which corresponds to the race and class of your character. Acquire the main class of the "Grand Master", "Pontiff" or "Grand Master" and follow to the location "Ivory Tower". Proceed to the town of Oren, where the portal to move to this location. At the entrance to the tower is necessary to appeal to the Guardian and select the dialog "Move to another floor." On the second floor get Vanguard character and start a dialogue with him. Select "Learn about the certification of skills" and the ability to select the desired sub-class. Follow the instructions Vanguard character, learn a skill, then it will be displayed in the characteristics of your character.

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