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As a certified production

How to certify production

Mandatory certification of goods produced and imported to Russia, not so long ago was canceled.

Now the quality of marketed products may vary bySeller integrity, however, some companies who value their own reputation, prefer to conduct research and to certify products voluntarily.



Obtaining the certificate of quality of the goods passes toseveral steps. First post on behalf of the company's application-declaration for certification to the certification center Rossertifikatsiya named product samples (indicated by the manufacturer, and the general characteristics of the commodity, its article, and so on.).


Wait for the consideration of your application, and selectconvenient for you to test laboratory, where you will make the program and will paint a technique for certification, samples will be taken away, take samples. For some time, usually at least a month, will be conducted product testing, analysis of its status in different environments and so forth. Then the results will be analyzed, and the head of the center will make a decision on the possibility of issuing you a certificate of quality or compliance. In the case of a positive response, you may qualify for, and Mark of Conformity.


Apply for a certificate and register it inState Register of GOST R Certification System After making the entries in the database and assign numbers to the applicant will be issued a certificate of conformity to production certified products or quality system.


The last point - it is carrying out an inspectionstability control certified characteristics (parameters) of products, the certified production of certified quality system (if provided by the scheme product certification). This procedure provides for regular study of certified goods and services staff of the supervisory authority.

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