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How to make a census in Vkontakte

To make a census in "Vkontakte", you must press a special button with a picture of a megaphone, which is located at the bottom right of any entry.

In this case it is possible to make the census not only on its own page, but also in the group, in a personal message.



Press the special button with an imagea megaphone, which is located in the bottom right of any entry. This button allows you to share the selected recording through its placement on the home page (tell your friends and subscribers) for a user with administrator privileges to any group, in a personal message. The particular method of census user is prompted to choose by pressing the specified button.


Add a comment to the distributed recordingby filling in a special field. This opportunity is available to any process census, while recording on the user's wall, a group or a private message will be displayed with the comment. Golf commenting also appears after clicking "Share" button at the bottom of the post of interest.


Express your own support as set out inrecording information by means of setting a heart "Like" button, which is located in the lower right corner of each post. Immediately a special window appears after the arrow "Share with Friends." If the user presses the arrow, the entry is simply appears on his page. This is the most simple, common method, which allows a census favorite records on your wall.


Look at all the people who alsoshared interest account. To do this, place the cursor over the numbers located next to the "Share". A pop-up window displays the last user who made the census corresponding entry. After that you should click on the link "Show list to share", causing a transition to a page with a list of participants in the social network, a census. In a similar way, you can find a list of all those who loved the selected post.


Select a specific audience, which willavailable a census. For example, when sending records to their own wall so the audience will become friends and subscribers, who have the right to the user's page viewing. In the case of a census manager writing on the wall of the group access to such information obtained subscribers respective community. Finally, when you send a post personal message, you can choose one or more users of social networks, which will be able to read, comment on this post.

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