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As a blind test of a decorative owl

How blind owl of decorative dough

If you do arts and crafts and enjoy sculpting dough or polymer clay, then you will like a nice little owlet, which is made in seconds.

You will need

  • -Test For molding or polymer clay
  • -Acrylic paints
  • -Flomaster With lid



Before you start knead dough or clay. Warm up your hands, so you will be able to mold faster. Form a small round ball. Flatten it.

How blind owl of decorative dough


Using the pen cap, paint pens. You do not push hard, start from the bottom and gradually work your way to the middle. Make owl wings. On both sides of a small number of test bend to the middle.

How blind owl of decorative dough


Shape the muzzle, the top two ears do. Using the pen gives the eye shape. Mouth cut stacks. Your owl is ready! It remains only to decorate it. Do not start painting right away, let the dough to dry for at least a week.

How blind owl of decorative dough

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