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How to learn the multiplication table in 1 day


How to learn the multiplication table in 1 day</a>

The multiplication table is a digital calculation convenient for memorization. Studying it is mandatory included in the curriculum of early schoolchildren.

It is necessary to help the child quickly remember the multiplication table.



Arrange all the numbers in columns in order,Starting with one and ending with ten. It is best to do three or five bars in one line, so that the child is better oriented and does not get confused in the numbers. In each column, make ten lines, each of which will have one multiplication action: one, two, three, and so on, until the number is multiplied by ten.


Give the child to read the first column. When multiplying by one, the number does not change, so he will remember this very quickly. In addition, the child will get acquainted with what the multiplication table looks like, and will not be afraid that it will be too complicated.


Continue with the second column and loved by the childrenActions "twice two = four". When multiplying by two, small numbers are obtained, with which the child is most likely familiar with the solution of school problems. Fix the studied, asking the student a few examples in a chaotic order.


Pass to the study of subsequent columnsTables. Do not rush and allocate more time for each of them, so that the information is postponed in the child's head. Pay attention to examples that are easier to remember due to their folding sound, for example, "five five-twenty-five", "six six-thirty-six".


Visualize the examples. For example, you can paint figures on the eyes, pens and legs, so that they are more memorable visually for the child, but the numbers should remain well-marked. Also you can select columns and lines with different colors, enclose them in frames, etc.


Hang up a poster with the multiplication table in the roomChild, and also get him a notebook with the table indicated on them. The constant finding of information before the eyes will facilitate its faster memorization. Also, there are special programs for the computer and spreadsheets with sound effects that will help to memorize the examples by ear.

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