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Articles made of twigs

Crafts from branches

In the autumn or spring season, we clean in the gardens, put things in order around the house, get rid of unnecessary waste, leaves, dry twigs.

On the one hand it is good, and on the other side is not.

After all, it is a valuable material for creativity.

So much interesting and original can get.

You will need

  • For crafts you will need dry branches from trees.



Remains after the autumn pruning,dried branches can be decorated residential or office space, or create one unique items ekodekora. Find a few branches around the same thickness with small knots. Clean them from the bark, polish and place in a frame or mount on a wooden plank. Get comfortable and unusual hanger.


If desired, of the branches can make even the chandelier! It would be the best dry tumbleweeds, but you can use the branches and other plants that are suitable for the form. Thoroughly rinse and dry the selected branch, is shaped if necessary. Carefully hang on a branch or LED ribbon garland and secure in several places. To fix the "chandeliers" to the ceiling, you can use hot melt glue.


Here is just a small part of what can be made from twigs. Include your imagination and create.

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