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Art Nouveau - Art Nouveau (art nouveau) in the interior

At the end of the nineteenth century cameartistic crisis, and then there is the new style of art nouveau. Style very opposite of all his predecessors, he has denied the chanting of human power, and in the first place puts the greatness of nature.

It is based on fanciful plant and animal motifs, interiors resemble a kind of holistic animal or mythical fairy-tale forest.



The interior in the style of Art Nouveau should be extremelythoughtful, because the basic concept is integrity. The walls of the floor and ceiling are tied in a single mix, and the furniture repeats and emphasizes them. In such an interior practically no corners, the entire space of flows using flowery flowing lines. As an ornamental plant used stems, flower buds, insects and animals.


Colors for Art Nouveau are divided into several groups. Want aquatic theme, choose a blue tone combined with silver, fairy forest - choose the dark wood in a combination of gold and green. If you have an idea, feel free to choose other colors, the main thing do not forget about motives.


It is very actively used in this stylestained glass windows, and include them in the ceiling trim and accessories and windows. Stained-glass windows help to create fabulous lighting in the room. The main light of the subdued, thus you emphasize the seclusion room. In addition to stained glass is a significant element of forging, forged stairs with plant motifs in this style looks easily and gracefully.


Materials for art nouveau diverse tree,metal, glass and stone. To finish the walls, use plaster, painting, a variety of wallpaper and wood. The floor can also be made using different materials and motifs.


Furniture art nouveau ornate as the entire interior intrim is also used arched shape. Running furniture made of wood and glass. Curtains are chosen on the floor, asymmetrical and curved, from expensive fabrics. The colors are often chosen for curtains dark, contrasting to the whole interior. You can leave the window open and, because they have traditionally been given much attention. Door and window openings were carried out either arched or made asymmetrical, but in this and in another case, richly decorated.


Accessories Art Nouveau needed quite smallamount, for the interior and of itself is very unusual. To decorate the suit stained glass lamps, unusual animal sculptures, curved mirrors and vases.

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