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Art to make a compliment

The art of making compliments

In our computer age, when it seems thatrelations have become more pragmatic and simplified, women still remain the girls, which you may read in the good books. They still love flowers, cute trinkets and of course compliments.

The ability to make them is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.


Women are susceptible to deception and flattery, if youdo complement disingenuous, it will achieve nothing but disappointment. Complement is correctly perceived only when done with the desire and heart. If at the moment have nothing to say, it is better to remain silent and not to try to come up with something absurd. This Gift is not the duty set of beautiful words, and what you want to tell the girl at the moment. What do you like about her and what is admirable.


Your girlfriend has changed her hair, dyed hair,I made a new manicure. Men often do not notice it, or simply do not attach particular importance to the event. This is a big mistake. These events are quite significant for the girl, and when she meets you, she just needs to know what you think about it. A man should be attentive to the changes that have taken place with his friend since their last meeting. Do not wait until she asks you. You first have to say something nice about her new look. Maybe she did it, including what you would have liked.


Faced Woman can say that it is perfectlyIt looks. Such a compliment is similar to a joke about the white back. Beaten and practically does not cause emotions. Take a closer look at it, it might be today as a particularly smiling and her eyes shine with joy. So use these items when making a compliment. She soon realizes that it is not on duty phrase, and words of a man who does not watch her closely and with genuine interest. In the end, remember Sherlock Holmes and pay attention to detail.


For example, a girl came in a new dress, you donotice and want to tell her something nice. Do not limit yourself, but do not just praise her suit, and tell her how it goes, it emphasizes the color of her eyes and how to combine them. Clothing not only decorates the girl, but also gives it more charm, sophistication and adds to the charm. Having said so, you are not just praised her a new outfit, but did compliment her taste, her ability to dress nicely and comb your hair when it's about a new hairstyle.

You can say the girl that she is charming or,she had wonderful eyes. This, of course, always good to hear. At the same time, it looks just like its transfer advantages. It is much more correct to report that her eyes very much like for you, what do you think her pretty and charming. Then the pleasant emotions that caused her your word, will associate it with you and your relationship to it.

Better Fewer, But Better

This catch phrase is very suitable tothe topic. Sender must be a berry on the cake of your relationship, and not on duty rolls, which can quickly become boring. Strictly dose of their number, a girl must wait for them, and not bump into them at the wrong time. Compliments - is an art that can be learned, and that always helps in the relationship. Learn and do not be afraid to say something nice to a girl from that you just win in her eyes.

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