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How to arrange your room

The interior of a private room should be comfortable

Each person should be a place where he can be alone, relax and feel completely comfortable there.

Some personal space necessary for psychological relaxation and recuperation, is ideally suited for this own room.

You will need

  • A little imagination



It is important to build room so that you could feel itcomfortable. Firstly, you need to choose the appropriate style of the internal state. For example, if you are close to symmetrical patterns, a combination of orange, olive and brown colors, and you own mysterious nature and enjoy being alone - perfect warm oriental style interior. If you go with the times, trying to do everything and appreciate the space, while high-tech style is an ideal choice. Extraordinary man for comfort will be necessary to combine several different styles. Sometimes a combination can be very bold (for example, the classic style and punk), but the main thing in the room feel like "fish in water".


Decide on the style, select colors. If you are agile and determined person, you can experiment with colors. But even if you decide to do all the walls different, let it be shades of the same color. Do not use very bright and aggressive colors, they quickly get bored and colorful room will be tough. If you choose, for example, yellow or crimson color, let it be soft and muted. Of course, it is better to use pastel colors to create a warm atmosphere, but it all depends on desire.


If you want to select a print for the wall, it is bestfine pattern. But if you like big picture, there is no need to make them in large quantities. Let this be a focus in the room. Again, take care of the combination of colors.


You can decorate room photo wallpaper. Very impressive look of black and white images. The highlight can serve as red accents on it. For example, black and white with a red London bus.


Do not forget about the little things. Paintings, vases, picture frames and other accessories are very advantageous to look, if properly choose the style and color of the interior. Combining harmoniously, they create a complete image of the room created. Try playing with bright accents. For example, if you use a black and white photo wallpaper (as mentioned above), the red pillows on the couch or a red candle will be combined with them. You can choose to accent any color, as long as it contrasted with the interior colors. This will create a style of integrity.

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