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How to make cash delivery to bank

How to make cash delivery to bank

Delivery of cash in the bank is governed by the relevant legislative framework.

In particular, the Order of cash transactions and the Resolution of the State Statistics Committee.

For delivery of cash settlement cash order is issued (CSC), which certifies the fact of putting the money from the cash to the bank.

You will need

  • - Settlement cash order-
  • - money-
  • - Classified in the nalichnymi- fee
  • - kvitantsiya-
  • - Bank statement.



Cash, who have in the organizationa result of its business activities, according to the so-called cash-discipline must be capitalized in cash and up to the end of the day put the bank on its current account. From putting cash in the bank exempt only private entrepreneurs.


For delivery of cash to the bank will needSettlement and cash receipt. His KO Form N-2 approved by Resolution of the State Statistics Committee of Russia 18.08.1998 N 88. CSC writes one copy of the accounting worker, and shall be signed after the main & nbsp- accountant and company director.


Cash Surrender performs cashier or trusteeface. You can also use the services of collectors, entering into agreement with the bank on the collector service. & Nbsp- But this service is quite expensive, so it resorted to the usual big companies, but small, as a rule, pass the money & nbsp- own. & nbsp-


The CSC in "give" line specifies the surname, first namepatronymic and human, which are issued for cash deposit in the bank. The "base" line - the contents of the financial transaction. As a rule, it is putting money in the bank from revenue and the sale of goods and services.

Estimated cash warrant is required to register the & nbsp-in log incoming and outgoing cash instruments on Form N-3 KO. & Nbsp-


Upon delivery of cash to the cashier & nbsp- bankInstitutions & nbsp- need to formalize an ad in the cash contribution (form №0402001), to present the account cash warrant and get a receipt, which the cashier of the bank is obliged to give to you after receiving the money. On receipt of the bank should be printed.


After her with CSC is applied to that partcash book, which is filled with a blueprint and tear. Also, the bank gives you a bank statement. After money & nbsp- listed on the current account, & nbsp- accountant makes wiring & nbsp- Debit 51 Credit 50, & nbsp-reflecting delivery of money from the cash to the bank.

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