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How to arrange the stones in creating rockeries

How to arrange the stones in creating rockeries

Rockery - rocky garden, which is easy to arrange on the site.

Not only does it act as a highlight of the landscape, but also to emphasize the individuality of the owners.

You can connect the beauty of plants and stones in the most bizarre ways to a variety of compositions.

To create a composition of plants can beuse and beautifully blossoming annuals, evergreens and conifers. There are English, European and Japanese styles of rocky garden. The difference between the styles is based on the ratio of the number of established plants and stones.

How to choose the right place for the construction ofrocky hill, the more impressive it will look. Not every heap of stones can be called Rocard. A good option is considered to be non-uniform terrain with differences, hills - so it is possible to implement various interesting ideas and create decorative compositions. From a small hill can get a system of ledges mountain valley or a beautiful cascade.

What should you consider choosing a place in rockeries at their summer cottage

Perfectly suited for the construction of rockeries sunny areas - so possible to use light-loving plants in the composition expanded significantly.

The composition must fit perfectly as possible in relief, combining with other site elements in a single picture.

If you found a good spot, but the entire background spoil the farm building or fence, you can decorate them with shrubs or vines.

Close to the apartment house to place rockeries undesirable.

Preparation of the future composition of the plan willfacilitate the implementation of the idea. To do this in a selected area using cord designated pad dimensions for future flower beds. With all it is necessary to remove the surface layer of turf about 20 cm, remove weed roots as possible. At the bottom lay geotektil - it will slow down the growth of weeds.

To accumulate in a flower bed do not water,you will need to arrange a drainage system. At the bottom of the pit a drainage layer is poured material, after that - a layer of coarse sand. All hiding layer of soil. Construction waste drainage device used is highly undesirable - established plants this may not be to your taste.

The base composition is necessary to lay the mostlarge stones with an attractive surface. Expecting the spectacular location of each stone, one must choose the most impressive of the parties and each position it so that it looked best.

The stones should be placed in the pits corresponding to theirsize. Good when the boulder slipped under the base layer of the soil and fine gravel, which is compacted to prevent the appearance of air pockets. It is even possible to climb on the rocks and try to shake them, to see how well the "sat" every single boulder.

When laying stones should try to makeit is more natural: to set apart large boulders and small stones by size group in the original composition. should be determined in advance for each of the stones of the place.

To the composition turned out in the same style, it is necessary to choose the stones of different sizes, but one species. Small seal can be interconnected using a solution or a special glue.

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