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How to arrange stones when creating a rockary


How to arrange stones when creating a rockary</a>

Rockary - rocky garden, which is easy to arrange on your site.

He will not only act as a highlight of the landscape, but also emphasize the individuality of the owners.

In a variety of compositions, you can combine the beauty of plants and stone in the most bizarre ways.

To create a composition of plants, you canUse and beautifully blooming annuals, and evergreen conifers. There are English, European and Japanese styles in the device of a stony garden. The difference between styles is based on the ratio of the number of planted plants and stones.

The more correctly the place for the constructionRocky slides, the more spectacular it will look. Not every pile of stones can be called a rocker. A good variant is considered the inhomogeneous relief of the terrain with swings, hills - so you can realize various interesting ideas and create decorative compositions. From a small mound, you can get a system of ledges of a mountain valley or a beautiful cascade.

That it is necessary to consider, choosing a place under a rock garden on a country site

Excellent for the construction of rockeries solar plots - so the opportunities for using light-loving plants in the composition significantly expand.

The composition should be as organic as possible in the relief, integrating with other elements of the site into a single picture.

If a good place is found, but the entire background is spoiled by farm buildings or fencing, you can decorate them with bushes or climbing plants.

Close to the residential house to place a rockery is undesirable.

Drawing up a plan for the future composition will helpTo facilitate the embodiment of the idea. To do this, on the selected site with a cord designates the size of the site for the future flower garden. From the entire surface it is necessary to remove the layer of turf by about 20 cm, to remove the roots of the weeds as much as possible. At the bottom lay geotextile - it will slow the growth of weeds.

To prevent water from accumulating in the flower garden,Need to arrange a drainage system. A layer of drainage material is poured onto the bottom of the excavation, then a layer of coarse-grained sand. Everything is covered by a layer of soil. Building debris for the device of drainage is extremely undesirable - planted plants may not be to taste.

In the basis of the composition,Large stones with an attractive surface. Counting the spectacular location of each stone, you must choose the most impressive of each side and position it so that it looks the best.

Stones should be placed in pits corresponding to theirDimensions. Well, when under the bottom of the boulder a layer of soil and small gravel is poured, which is compacted to exclude the appearance of air pockets. You can even climb on the rocks and try to swing them to check how well each separate boulder settled.

When laying stones, we must try to makeThis is more natural: large boulders set apart, and small in size stones to group into original compositions. For each of the stones, the place must be determined in advance.

To make the composition in a single style, the stones should be chosen in different sizes, but of the same kind. Small ones can be fastened together using a solution or special glue.

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