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How to arrange the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee

How does the Organizing Committee Sochi-2014

At the Olympics usually collected a huge number of people.

They all need to accommodate, advise and conduct, and for that we need helpers. And in this regard, there are special organizations and companies.

One of them is called the Organizing Committee - an organization dedicated to the preliminary preparation and holding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Since the organizing committee always need people that are regularly recruitment.

Pre-selection of candidates to the organizing committee

Pre-selection is carried out foreigncompany Adecco. All wishing to come to the office and be interviewed. Interviews holds the head of the company and personnel officer. One of the varieties of this interview is to conduct a test on the knowledge of foreign languages, which consists of several stages, and the degree of assimilation of numerical and verbal information. All these negotiations are taking place for a long period of time. After all negotiations should be waiting for a decision. During this time, each applicant checks the security service. If your candidacy is approved, he along with the rest going to the Olympics organizers.

How does the organizing committee?

On the organizing committee a huge amount of responsibilityduties. These include: providing financing for various activities, monitoring for timely assistance to the guests and participants, and so on.
It consists of several key links:
-; Managers - ensures that the various tasks assigned nachalstvom-
-; Observing unit - decides onorganization and holding of the Olympic Games, for example, accommodation and the athletes, the installation of the necessary equipment for any kind of sports sorevnovaniy-
-; Social link - it helps to get a maximum comfort and solves all the problems that have arisen among the guests, for example, the absence of water, or stale Lingerie
-; Economic unit - monitors the correct flow of money sredstv-
-; Maintenance unit - staff involved in cooking, cleaning and other household chores.
the organizing committee work carried out around the clock in shifts. Place it next to the building for the competition platform.

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