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How to arrange a dress


How to arrange a dress-crossing party</a>

Are you planning to throw out the bothersome clothes? Do not hurry!

Invite your friends and exchange things.

Pick a few things from your girlfriend's wardrobe andGive her your own - great idea! Especially it can become an actual winter, when it's time to look in the closet, to revise the spring-summer wardrobe and get rid of those things that you are easily ready to part with or know for sure that you will not wear them anymore. In addition, this is another reason for the party. In order for it to pass not only productively, but also fun, invite at least 10 girlfriends whose exquisite taste you admire. It is important that everyone wears about one size of clothing. How to collect so many guests? Simpler is simple - let each of your friends bring with them one friend. Arrange, that all brought on 12 things in good condition plus did not forget to grab accessories and unpacked cosmetics. Suddenly, they are right for you? Ease of partying on such an unusual occasion will add a small drink with drinks - this will help you get to know more closely with those whom you will see for the first time. And in order that after the dress-crossing party everyone is satisfied, in advance stipulate the condition (you can write it in the invitations that you send out a few weeks before the event) that each girlfriend will be able to take home as many things as she has brought. Take a few tips: - Fashion and fun - the two main themes of the party. Write about that in the invitation. - Warn guests about the party in advance - send invitations at least 3 weeks in advance. - Give guests prosecco and white wine, but red is best avoided - stains on clothes are not needed. - In the appetizer menu, fill in: fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and crackers. - While guests are tasting snacks, turn the living room into a boutique - arrange all the things brought. - Belts are most conveniently folded and placed on a tray, table and even a dish. - Folded cardigans will attract more attention than casually scattered on the couch. - Put more mirrors - so guests will be easier, not hurrying, trying on things. - Have you left any other things without the new landlady? Do not throw them away, but give them to the needy.

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