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How to arrange bedroom according to Feng Shui

How to arrange bedroom according to Feng Shui

Bedroom - the most important place in the house.

According to Feng Shui, the atmosphere of this room should promote restful sleep, but not only.

Properly placed and filled one bedroom is required to help the favorable development of romantic relationships.

Energy wisely decorated bedrooms corresponds to Yin energy is calming effect on a person, who returned here after a busy day.

The desired atmosphere is achieved by selecting the correct color for the design, the presence of mirrors, pictures, correct location of doors and arrangement of furniture.



According to Feng Shui, ideal for colorYour bedroom is a soft, calm pastel colors. Beige, pink, warm shades of gold in the interior of the space needed to maintain harmonious family relations. If you are worried about sleep rather weak, prefer soft but saturated colors: pale green or burgundy.


By placing the furniture in the bedroom, give up a large number of furnishings. Keep only the necessary. Computers, TVs, objects related to work should not be here.


Setting bed, leaning against the headboard to herwall. At the same time it should not be located near a window or in front of the door. However, lying on the bed the door should be visible. The bed select with back - it will give you protection.


By posting pictures, prefer quiet,calming grounds. This may be, for example, color images. You can place here a family photo in the frame. But do not use photos of parents or their children's pictures.


Do not place mirrors opposite the bed. Sleep is reflected in the mirror, like Feng Shui says, not fully rested. The best place in the bedroom cute trinkets, candles. This will create the necessary comfort in the room.

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