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How production is arranged in Russia


How production is arranged in Russia</a>

The development of production largely determines the overall economic situation of the country. In most countries, including Russia, different industries are unevenly developed.

Nevertheless, the modern post-industrial structure of production in the Russian Federation is able to satisfy a wide range of existing or future needs of the population.

The economic structure of Russia includesTwo interrelated and mutually complementary types of production. Material production creates material values, and the intangible includes works of science, art and spiritual culture.

The production sphere also includes a sphereServices, which has its own peculiarity and great potential for growth. The difference of services from other types of activity is that its useful result is manifested during labor and is necessarily connected with the satisfaction of some need. An example is the transport services or the work of a doctor. Distinguish material services, for example, trade, housing and consumer services, and non-material - health protection, education, social services, art and so on.

A special place in the structure of Russian productionOccupy various types of infrastructure that provides general living conditions. This includes road construction, utilities and energy. Infrastructure performs an integrating role in the economy, connecting various industries with each other and giving integrity to economic activities.

At present, Russia is distinguished by the predominantDevelopment of the services sector, which account for about 49% of the gross domestic product. The most developed types of services include trade, transport, communications, restaurants and hotels, financial activities, real estate transactions, education and health.

Share of Russian manufacturing industryIs only about 16% of GDP. Most notable here are such industries as the food industry, wood processing, pulp and paper production, chemical industry, metallurgy, the production of machinery and equipment. Mining produces about 9% of GDP.

Of all industrial sectors of the country, the mostStrong position in the production of electrical equipment, chemical production, publishing and printing activities. The extraction of fuel and energy minerals and logging activities stand apart: in reserves of these resources, Russia occupies high positions in the world rating.

One of the tasks for further developmentProduction sphere is to eliminate the imbalance between individual sectors and accelerate the development of processing industries. Stable and high growth rates of the Russian economy are impossible without a structural reorganization of the entire national economy, reflecting changes in market demand.

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