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How to arrange production in Russia

How does the production in Russia

Production development is largely determines the overall economic situation of the country. In most countries, including Russia, the different branches of industry developed unevenly.

However, the modern post-industrial structure of production in the Russian Federation is able to provide the satisfaction of a wide range of existing or future needs of the population.

Russia's economic structure includesTwo interrelated and complementary to each other type of production. Material production creates real value and intangible includes works of science, art and spiritual culture.

The manufacturing sector also includes the sphereservices, which has originality and high growth potential. Service differs from other activities is that its beneficial result occurs during labor and certainly associated with the satisfaction of certain needs. An example is the transport service or a physician job. There are tangible services such as trade, housing and consumer services, and intangible - health, education, social services, arts and so on.

A special place in the structure of the Russian productionoccupy different kinds of infrastructure for the general living conditions. This includes the construction of roads, utilities and energy management. Infrastructure performs an integral role in the economy, linking together different branches of production and economic activity giving integrity.

Currently, Russia is different prevailingdevelopment of the services sector, which account for about 49% of gross domestic product. The most advanced types of services should include trade, transport, communications, hotels and restaurants, financial activities, operations with real estate, education and health.

The share of Russian manufacturing industryIt is only about 16% of GDP. Most noticeable is the production of such as food processing, wood processing, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery and equipment. In mining operations account for about 9% of GDP.

Of all the industrial sectors of the country's moststrong position in the production of electrical equipment, chemical production, publishing and printing. Stand out extraction of fuel and energy minerals and forestry activities - reserves of these resources Russia ranks high in the world rankings.

One of the objectives for the further developmentthe production sector is to eliminate the imbalance between the private sectors and accelerating the development of processing industries. Stable and high rates of economic growth in Russia is impossible without the restructuring of the entire economy, reflecting changes in market demand.

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