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How to make health insurance

How to take out health insurance

In Russia, it has long been valid health insurance.

It is represented by two species - voluntary and compulsory.

For routine medical services to every citizen must have a medical insurance policy.

You will need

  • - Statement by the employer to grant OMS- policy
  • - Application to the job center (for the unemployed).



In our country, there are two types of healthInsurance - Obligatory (CBOs) and voluntary (LCA). For & nbsp- mandatory health insurance you should contact your employer. When applying for a job, he is obliged to issue a new employee MHI policy. This is usually done in the first days on the job. The company also deducts premiums for you, based on the level of & nbsp-received your salary.


Unemployed need to contact your local employment agency. In this case, the premiums for it will pay the state, and he will draw up policy in the short term.


The quality of medical services is notIt depends on the size of contributions, but many people prefer companies that offer additional services to the health insurance, as additional medical insurance allows you to receive a qualified help in private clinics and hospitals. Also, this type of insurance ensures inpatient and outpatient care services is provided to the person doctor, call emergency medical care, etc.


Decorate by several health insuranceways. In the first case, a person can personally come to the office of the insurance company and conclude insurance contract on the spot. In this case & nbsp-it will get comprehensive information on the company's consultants.


Another type of processing health insurance through an insurance broker. He collaborates with several insurance companies under the agency agreement, and can advise on the best option.


Make a contract of health insurance can andthrough the Internet. Simply go to the site of the selected company and fill out a form. Your application will be considered in the coming days and will send the policy at any convenient place for you. Pick up the document and can be in one of the nearest office of the insurance company.


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