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Harmony in the home often depends on the location of furniture in it

Feng Shui - is the study of the actions of the mysterious forces of the earth, which provide human health, material and spiritual well-being.

Each room - this office or apartment -have their own energy, and therefore, how this energy will harmonize with the inhabitants depends on their well-being, emotional state and health.

If the room is new, then beat it in termsof Feng Shui is not difficult. It is more difficult to have lived-in homes or offices. However, in these cases, you can significantly improve a favorable energy.

Squares energy

To begin with the separation of an apartment or a separate room or area into squares, which are responsible for wealth, love and so on. To determine the area, you will need a compass.

  • Health Zone is located in the center,
  • in the north - a career,
  • South - fame,
  • east - the family,
  • West - childhood and creativity,
  • northeast of wisdom and knowledge,
  • South East - wealth,
  • Southwest - love and family,
  • Northwest - assistants and travel.


Ideally, if the apartment has a square shape,where have all the zones. Bedroom is best done in a square of love and family. Children, therefore it is best to be arranged in a square and children's creativity. If this is not possible, that each room can be zoned separately. bed to put in the part in the bedroom, which is responsible for relations. And we must remember that the room should be possible as far as possible from the front door.

As for the kitchen facilities, according toFeng Shui, it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. By distributing the kitchen furniture in this room, you should consider the value of the elements. For example, a sink and a refrigerator are responsible for the water, stove, coffee maker or responsible for the fire. To balance was not broken, it is necessary to avoid a collision elements.

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