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How to arrange feng shui furniture


Harmony in the house is often dependent on the location of furniture in it</a>

Feng Shui is the doctrine of the actions of the mysterious forces of the earth, which provide a person with health, material and spiritual well-being.

Each room - an office or an apartment -Have their own energy, and because of how this energy will harmonize with the inhabitants, their well-being, emotional state and health depends.

If the room is new, then decorate it from the pointFeng Shui vision is not difficult. The situation is more complicated with already lived houses or offices. However, in these cases it is also possible to significantly improve the favorable energy.

Energy squares

You need to start with the division of the apartment or a separate room into squares or zones that are responsible for wealth, love and so on. To correctly identify zones, you will need a compass.

  • In the center there is a health zone,
  • In the north - career,
  • South - glory,
  • East - family,
  • West - childhood and creativity,
  • Northeast wisdom and knowledge,
  • Southeast - wealth,
  • South-west - love and family,
  • North-west - assistants and travel.


Ideally, if the apartment has the shape of a square,On which there are all zones. The sleeping room is best done in the square of love and family. Children, respectively, will best be arranged in the square of children and creativity. If this is not possible, then each room can be zoned separately. In the bedroom, the bed is placed in the part that is responsible for the relationship. And we must remember that this room should be as far as possible from the front door.

As for the kitchen area, according toFeng shui it is a symbol of well-being and prosperity. Distributing kitchen furniture in this room, it is necessary to take into account the importance of the elements. For example, a sink and a refrigerator are responsible for water, a stove, a kettle or a coffee maker are responsible for the fire. To ensure that the balance has not been violated, it is necessary to avoid collision of elements.

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