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How to arrange an exhibition of cats

How to arrange an exhibition of cats

Today feline exhibitions are very popular.

The purpose of the exhibition can be different.

Someone is organizing an exhibition for profit and fame among its competitors.

Others believe it is the case the meaning of his life and love cats. Of course, very pleased to be at the show, the animal and the owner radiate beauty.

But how to make the exhibition so that people come to it?

How to organize interesting and useful exhibition, through which you can not only get the income, but also moral satisfaction?



Involve participants in the exhibition. The first and most important question that needs to you to decide - to attract the owners is on your show. Some of the organizers of such exhibitions are confident that the process of the exhibition is to attract the right people. But, unfortunately, this opinion is erroneous. You have to think everything through and make sure that your show was memorable and the brightest. Spend extra on the exhibition contests or competitions. In addition, make sure that your exhibition was visited by well-known experts who have a good reputation.

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Be the guest for the night. Make sure your guests to be comfortable to stay for the night. People who came to the exhibition to other cities, have little knowledge of the local hotels. Inform them in advance about the price and the location of the night and make themselves better for their rooms.

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Spend PR campaign. To attract large numbers of people to the exhibition conduct a competent PR campaign. As you know, today, many citizens enjoy Runet. Therefore, place the announcement of the exhibition at the specialized resources. This may be sites about cats or forums for the protection of animals. In its declaration, specify the exact date of the place and value.

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Learn the rules of the exhibition. Prior to the exhibition, read the rules of the trade shows and select the type of exhibition. You must clearly understand how to behave in a given situation.

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Set in the exhibition show ring. Currently very popular British and American rings. During the ring necessarily divide animals by age, breed and color categories.

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Organize closing of the exhibition. As a rule, the exhibition lasts no more than 2 days. During this time the exhibitors greatly exhausting. Of course, the winners arrive in a good mood. But what about those participants who are not lucky and they won prizes? Make it so that the exhibition was not sad, and left all participants a good impression. Even when the main stages of the exhibition took place, organize additional competitions with a consolation prize. Be sure members of your exhibition will appreciate it and always will accept the invitation to the next exhibition.

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