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How to arrange an exhibition in the library


How to arrange an exhibition in the library</a>

To design an exhibition in the library you will need beautiful books with colored covers or rare copies. And also the help of visitors - large and small.

The more people will be attracted to the creation of the exposition, the more interesting it will turn out.



First, decide what will be devotedExhibition. Maybe it's a teacher's day, or the anniversary of one of the great writers-classics. Or, on the contrary, the exposition will represent book novelties. Proceeding from this and collect materials for registration.


Take a sheet of Whatman and make a beautifulA wall newspaper on which the central place will lead to the description of the theme of the exhibition. Around arrange small interviews with regular visitors, discussing the subject matter of the exposition. Provide articles with pictures and photos. Colored varnish or sequins decorate the empty space.


Choose relevant books, newspapers and magazines. Arrange the publications on the shelves and lay them on the table under the wall newspaper.


In advance, ask the library's small visitors to draw drawings on the theme of the exhibition. Let the kids sign the work. Hang them around the wall newspaper and next to the bookshelves.


The subject of the exhibition is notJust draw, but also to blind, or burn out on the board. Invite the children to participate in the contest for the best craft. The winner will be announced on the opening day of the exposition. Lay out all the exhibits on tables or shelves, by signing the name and the name of the creator.


If the exhibition is dedicated to a writer, askAdult visitors help you. Let one of them stay for a while in the role of a classic. Put Pushkin with a cylinder, Tolstov with a beard, and Chekhov with glasses. Ask the person to play along with you, get used to the role. Let him with an expression read an excerpt from the work, tell the children a bit of the biography of the writer, answer the questions of interest.

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