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How to arrange aquarium

How to arrange aquarium

Aquarium in the interior - it's always nice, but not so easy.

To your aquarium brings joy, not sorrow and trouble, try to choose the right components of the underwater kingdom.



Practicality.How to create a common aquarium in a city apartment. This will be a standard aquarium, not a collectible fish. Which do you choose? Perhaps coming to a pet store, you stop to look beautiful fishbowl, but it is often not practical, it is very difficult to clean the wall from contamination, have difficulties with the lighting. The best is a rectangular aquarium. The height should be equal to the width and length of two times exceed it. If we talk about the volume, the more appropriate for apartment rooms tanks of 50-150 liters.

How to arrange aquarium


Interior.Most advantageous to put the end to the aquarium window at a short distance. Fluorescent lighting is very good for him, but the light should not be too bright. Of course, the aquarium must integrate harmoniously with the interior and draw a sight upon entering the room.


The soil, water and plants.Be sure to take care of the quality of soil layer. Its thickness should be approximately 5 cm. Well suited gray river sand granules with 5 mm. It will not benefit the small yellow sand from the sandbox in the yard, more harm. Before being placed in an aquarium, gravel is washed thoroughly and subjected to boiling for 15 minutes. Nice look inside the large stones, pieces of granite, but they must also undergo sterilization step.Aquariumtion water - it is not the water that flows from youfrom the tap. She's too clean and it is not favorable for the fish and flora plants, and even the presence of chlorine affects negatively. Therefore, water, as a rule, advocated a little heated, the gas blown away. Make water quality and beneficial for the fish to help filter them in modern stores in abundance. Most popular - spongy. In order to enrich the water with oxygen, place the aquarium azrator or compressors, are found in a part of filters and otdelno.Krasotu and picturesque give your aquarium plants. They turn it into a miniature model of the reservoir. The most convenient landing of plants considered to be such, when the dark tall plants are planted along the back wall and at the sides and in the middle of beautiful low bushes or small plants. The most unpretentious - Java moss, dwarf anubias, Thai fern, Gruffudd, saggitariya broadleaf. With the combination of these plants in your aquarium landscape is simply gorgeous.

How to arrange aquarium


What should be light.Lighting can be natural, artificial or combined. If possible, no direct sunlight, otherwise the walls of the aquarium will quickly grow into algae, which leads to contamination. Very useful for lighting fluorescent lamps. The light will be even and beautiful. More appropriate would be those which are closest to the spectrum of sunlight: the warm white light, white light, but not daily. To determine the desired lighting power - usually watch the plants. If there is fouling the green - light too much. Plants become pale and thin - not enough light.

How to arrange aquarium


The inhabitants of the aquarium.
About a week aquarium should stand without fish. During this time Wednesday it will be the most favorable, will be necessary chemical processes. Must establish a biological equilibrium. Less hassle deliver fish, undemanding to food, water temperature and its chemical composition. There should not be too much fish, it is better when more space inside. The calculation formula is as follows: for every two centimeters of the body of one "resident" should account for about a liter of water. It is better to populate the young aquarium fish. This may be the Cardinals, spotted catfish, platypus, platies. Will serve as a benefit and shellfish. Melania example, clean the aquarium, as well as filtered water, and loosen the bottom, which is very useful.

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