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As it may seem strange to the publicreaders, but the word "animator" has at least two meanings. In one case, an animator called Entertainer, entertaining the kids and adults at festivals, on beaches, in hotels.

In another case, an animator - a cartoonist, who gives life to cartoon characters, the artist and the artist in one person, a true magician.

You can get a job as a fact, and others.



In order to get a job animator (Entertainer) Special Educationnot required. It is enough to go through several training workshops, where, together with you the program will be developed on the tourist season or for special evenings. For information on specialized organizations that conducted similar seminars, you can easily find on the Internet.


You will come in handy skill to dance, sing,speak a foreign language, but rather several. Sociability, stamina and organizational skills will be your additional trump cards when applying for this job. Please also note that when a job animator abroad, you will have time to give up the contract with the family. On average, for the girls that period is, and for young men usually three months - six.


In order to get a job animator-multiplikatorom, you have to take a fewa long way. It begins in childhood with a view of the first cartoons. For someone - it's love at first sight, which then leads them to the profession and in a great movie.


Now there are large citiesanimation studio for children, where they will learn the basic concepts of animation. Further comprehension and study of animation can be extended to the specialized colleges, institutes, academies and courses animators at various animation studios, about which it is easy to learn on the internet. Further, with the knowledge of special computer animation programs you will not be difficult to get a job in an animation studio and start making cartoons.

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