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How to get a job as a guide


How to get a job as a guide</a>

The conductor is a very interesting and rather profitable profession.

To work as a guide, dreamers who do not like to sit in one place and see the same people every day guys and girls.

How can you become a guide and what is needed for this?

A lot of girls and young peopleInteresting such a profession as a conductor. This kind of activity attracts them the opportunity to visit many cities, communicate with dozens of different people and, importantly, not bad at the same time to earn. How can I get a job as a guide?

What are the requirements for a job seeker?

First of all, the conductor canClaim a person who has received no less than a full secondary education - 11 classes of the school - and not younger than 18 years. The upper limit of the age for women is 45 years, and for men 50. The potential guide should be fit for health reasons.
It is possible to work as a conductorOn an ongoing basis, but only for several summer months. This is due to the fact that in the warm season additional trains are being introduced to all popular destinations, and the carrier company has to hire employees for this period. Thus, you can work as a guide for several months to determine whether you like this activity and whether you are ready to link your life with it.

How to get a job as a guide

Everything begins with the fact that the future conductorIs interviewing the head of the personnel department. He must have a passport, a work book and a certificate of full secondary education. If at the interview the applicant for the position of a conductor shows himself to be a balanced, friendly and sociable person, his candidature will be approved at the level of the personnel department, and then you can proceed to the next stage.
Those wishing to get a job as a conductor mustFirst of all to pass training on special courses, then successfully pass the exam, thereby demonstrating your level of preparation. In the course of training you need to practice, which includes a test trip with an experienced guide. The trainee keeps a log throughout the trip, which is then handed over for inspection.
After passing the exam, the graduateA certificate of the state pattern, with which one should appear in the personnel department. Then you need to undergo a physical examination at the polyclinic at the office of RZD of your city. Among other things, the conductor must have a health book. When the medical board is successfully passed, the applicant gets the right to take part in the competitive selection for the conductor.

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