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How to find a kindergarten teacher


How to find a kindergarten teacher</a>

The salaries of kindergarten teachers in major cities have been significantly increased over the past few years.

For example, in the suburbs it is an average of eighteen to twenty thousand a month.

In addition, the educators have a great vacation and a convenient schedule of work.



To arrange a tutor in a kindergarten, you needGet a pedagogical education. It can be either higher or medium. Training in technical schools takes place within three to four years, in higher educational institutions - five or six.


Although the salaries of educators are growing every year,While in kindergartens there is a shortage of staff. Therefore, it is easy to get a job in a preschool without even working experience. The first time the newcomer will be assisted by a senior educator - he will introduce methods into the course, will help to adapt to the children's collective.


Career kindergarten vacancies most oftenPlaces on its website the district education department. Also information on vacant places is transferred to labor exchanges. That's where the easiest way is to find the right job.


To arrange a job as a teacher,Contact the Education Department or the labor exchange. Agree on the interview. With you, take a diploma of education and a work book. If you undergo additional training related to pedagogy, grab the certificates of completion of the courses.


At the labor exchange and in the Department of Education youWill provide a choice of several vacancies. Go to kindergartens and talk with the supervisors to understand which pre-school institution suits you best. Try to choose a garden closer to home. The work of the teacher starts at seven in the morning, and if the road to work is long, it will be necessary to get up very early.

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