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How to make a romantic evening

How to make a romantic evening

As banal as it may seem, but to arrange a beautiful romantic evening can be, even if your pair have been together for many years.

For a romantic evening does not need a reason, and pleasantly surprise planned leave only positive emotions and strengthen relationships.

In addition, a holiday for two, filled with romance and sensuality, to organize is not so difficult.



Time. Plan the day and time you dive into the world of love. Decide whether it will be lunch, dinner or night dinner. Prefer Friday or Saturday, so you were both relaxed, not worried about tomorrow's working day, in no hurry to go to sleep and not be afraid to drink an extra glass of wine.


Subject and environment. Decide on the theme of the evening, consider in detail the intimate atmosphere that will be created. If the organization has a romantic occasion, be guided by him. For example, you can organize a surprise football fans or New Year for two. Consider items that will point directly to your ideas: the scarf fan of the football team or an erotic costume of the Snow Maiden. Think decoration, lighting, music, clothing, etc. - Every detail.


A place. According to the concept, select location. Romance should not be confined to your apartment or going to the restaurant. It is possible to arrange a holiday for two in a tent on the beach, on the roof of high-rise buildings, etc. Of course, be sure to continue the evening - a comfortable and pleasant seclusion less to complete the evening.


Serving and menus. Any romance should not be limited to warm conversation, a bottle of wine and foam in the bathtub. Make a light dinner, a nice snack. Set the table, pick up the tablecloth, put a nice bowl. Set the table so that no accessories do not interfere with you to see each other during the meal. Sami food should be light and beautiful. Choose fast food, to the beginning of the evening and romantic communication does not feel tired and exhausted.

Do not forget about aphrodisiac foods. This fresh strawberries, bananas, coconut, avocado, honey, peanuts, shrimp, asparagus, spices, celery, anise, oysters, figs, vanilla and others.


Beverages. Prefer light, sweet drinks. Suitable fruit liqueur, sparkling wine. Even interesting alcoholic cocktails, mixed directly at the table, will look for a romantic evening is very unusual and beautiful. Spirits are best left to the other party.

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