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How to arrange a photo session

How to arrange a photo session

Unsuccessful picture can not only spoil the mood for a long time, but to overshadow the memory of an important event? birthday party or a meeting of old friends.

To always look attractive even at the amateur images, you need to follow a few simple rules.



To make good photos, not necessarilyuse of expensive equipment. It gives visible results only in the hands of professionals. Fans of the cost is quite simple digital? Soap? or even a mobile phone camera.


It is better to be photographed in daylight. In the background is not recommended to choose wall hangings or uncleared after a stormy party tables - especially if you're dressed up and want to look like a cover girl. Perfect background? nature. Let it be a nearby park, or a cozy park.


Bright make-up leave the professional models. It can be a little touch up lips and eyes, but to get involved is not necessary? an abundance of cosmetics adds to the ladies in the photo a couple of extra years.


Clothing and shoes should be comfortable. If you fancy new shoes are too tight, it is better to give them up, the tension will not let you look spectacular, no matter how you tried. After the camera mercilessly reflects the fact that the person is trying to hide, experts say.


Close-up portrait shots rarely work outlovers. Suppose you take pictures of a full-length? sitting or standing, or better? in move. Leaf through glossy magazines, you can copy the original posture models. But it is not necessary to freeze deliberately seductive statue. Try to move in dance, play with the baby, frolicking with the dog and not worry about the wrong perspective or extra pounds.


Fooled, down the seriousness! If the image is a collective, it is not necessary to line up in a row and wistfully gaze at the surrounding landscape. Take a different posture, change places? let you shoot without warning.


Professionals say? best photos are those which show the individuality of man, his character. Maybe your appearance and does not meet current standards of the modeling industry, it is not so important. Looking into the camera, remember the best moments of your life, think about pleasant things, not trying in that whatever was to look beautiful. Then your smile will be genuine and natural posture. These photos even after many years will bring joy and cheer up.

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