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How to arrange a photo session


How to arrange a photo session</a>

Unsuccessful photography can not only spoil the mood for a long time, but to cloud the memories of an important event? Birthday or a meeting of old friends.

To always look attractive even on amateur photographs, you need to observe a few simple rules.



To make a good photo, optionalUse expensive equipment. It gives a noticeable result only in the hands of professionals. Lovers will do well with a simple digital? Soap box? Or even a mobile phone camera.


It is better to take pictures in daylight. As a background, it is strictly recommended not to choose wall carpets or unassembled tables after a stormy party - especially if you are dressed smartly and want to look like a girl from the cover. Perfect background? nature. Let it be a neighboring park or a cozy square.


Vivid make-up leave professional models. You can touch up your lips and eyes a little, but do not get involved? The abundance of cosmetics adds to the ladies in the photo a couple of extra years.


Clothes and shoes should be comfortable. If new fashion shoes are shaking you, it's better to give them up, the tension will not let you look spectacular, no matter how hard you try. After all, the camera mercilessly reflects what a person is trying to hide, experts say.


Close-up, portrait photography rarely work outTo amateurs. Let you be photographed in full growth? Sitting or standing, but better? in move. Look through the glossy magazines, you can copy the original poses of models. But do not freeze with a deliberately seductive statue. Try to move in the dance, play with the child, frolic with the dog and not think about the wrong perspective or extra pounds.


Fool, down with gravity! If the photo is collective, it is absolutely not necessary to line up and look with longing at the surrounding landscape. Accept different poses, change places? Let you be removed without warning.


Professionals claim? The best photos are those on which the individuality of a person is visible, his character. Perhaps your appearance and does not meet the current standards of the model industry, it's not so important. Looking at the camera, remember better the moments of your life, think about the pleasant, not trying at all costs to look beautiful. Then your smile will be sincere, and the pose is natural. Such photos even after many years will bring joy and cheer.

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