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How to arrange a new Apple stylus

How does the new Apple stylus

Capacitive touchscreens, unlike resistance, and convenient to use with a stylus.

But the need for this instrument is still there, if you need not press the virtual button and something to write or draw.

One of the instruments designed for this purpose has recently been patented by Apple.



The stylus is designed for resistivetouch screen, a capacitive not work. The reason is simple: a capacitive sensor reacts to the touch of only conductive objects. Even if in the palm of your hand to wear gloves, manage your phone, you can not. Is that a special glove used with conductive pads on the fingertips.


Mass migration from resistive screens oncapacitive smartphones in all but the cheapest, came to the liking almost everyone - except those who wish them to write or draw. Soon, many new type of stylus has been placed on the market designed specifically for devices with such displays. From the former, they are distinguished by the presence of conductive terminals, touch-sensitive sensors which are and react. And Samsung has become one of the first who dared to include the stylus supplied one of their machines - Galaxy Note.


But the new stylus, patented by Applein May 2012, does not affect the capacitive sensor of the display itself. He contains an embedded microcomputer, binds to a phone or tablet over a wireless interface (what it is, yet to be announced). At the same time the opportunity to work on touch screen with your fingers remains.


The technology used in the newthe tool is not new: it is based on a miniature video camera. Similar solutions are used in Wii Nintendo Remote, as well as in all optical mice. But it is in the stylus camera as a sensor used for the first time. In this case, it is aimed directly at the screen of the smartphone or tablet. In addition, some of the pictures in the frame, the device determines your location.


If you now click with the stylus on the screen,work pressure sensor built into the tool. If the start of his move, movement speed will be determined not only by the information from the camera, but also on data obtained from the built-in accelerometer of the semiconductor device.


All good new Apple stylus, except one: buy it is impossible. He not only had not produced, but also the date of its launch in the production do not say a word. Clearly only one thing: he probably will be released in the next 20 years. While the validity of the patent has not expired.

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