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How to arrange a machinist

How to get a machinist

If you are in good faith to work and want tohave high wages, good working conditions, social security, professional and career growth, stability and confidence in the future, free travel on the subway, paid vacation twice a year, the opportunity to receive higher education, registration to work in accordance with the Labour Code then finds a job as a machinist electric Moscow metro.

Top machinists receive cash prizes in the annual contest "Moscow masters."

You will need

  • - passport
  • - military ID
  • - education document
  • - employment history
  • - Moscow or the Moscow Region residence



The vacancy may machinist subwayclaim only men. This is due to the complexity of the profession and the need to constantly focus. For the device to work, you must first call the Department of underground cadres to clarify on what next to where you live lines open in this position.


Then you need to come to the personnel department for the design work. With a grab a passport, military ID card, certificate of education and work record.


Once the start to learn a professiondriver's assistant in a special training center. In the sessions that will take place over several months, from about 9.00-10.00 18.00 on weekdays, you will learn the structure of the composition, appointment of buttons and levers in the cockpit, Acting assistant driver, the basics of first aid. At the training you will be paid a good scholarship. Upon graduation examination hand over.


After hitting Practise exams: some time to work assistant engineer under the guidance of an experienced operator. Then turn in another examination.


Now a few months to learn a professiondriver in a special training center, where you restock previously acquired knowledge with new information, relating to the features already performing the duties and activities of workers machinist in the subway. During training you put a scholarship. After graduation, take the exam and for some time worked as a machinist in a pair with a more experienced assistant engineer who will control you. After validation of knowledge and control structure control technology instructor in the case of successful completion of theoretical and practical material you can work independently machinist.


If the instructor check revealedany gaps in your knowledge and shortcomings in the work, then you will need some time to learn and be tested again. Until then, you do not rock show excellent knowledge of theoretical and practical material, you can not get to work engineer of the Moscow metro.

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