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How to arrange a happy birthday

How to arrange a happy birthday

Each of us wants his birthday was fun and interesting. But the reality is limited to a discussion with your friends with the latest news.

Then the friends begin to associate with each other in small circles, and has been completely forgotten by all the birthday.

To avoid this, it is necessary to diversify the scheme of your birthday.



Remember the childhood, when you're a big friendlythe company could play in the yard for several hours. Use it for his birthday - go with your friends and their children in the children's club and play the game at all simulations, learn all board games. Children's passion, enthusiasm, desire to win, the ability to joke and to support each other - and you did not know that at heart you are still the same cheerful child directly. Wonderful memories and good mood will come to you every time you pass near the club.


If you are with your friends share a common passionor work, organize a comic event in this area. If you cook, arrange a culinary duel where the same set of products to do a few different dishes if the teacher - the game "What? Where? When? "With comic questions, well, absolutely everyone, regardless of age and profession, will appeal to" fun starts. "


The main indicator of a great holidaymood is laughter. And bring him what? - Clowns and jugglers. Invite to your holiday these wizards, creating around him joy and positive. Let the guests be sure to take part in all competitions and tricks, along with a clown to amuse the audience and try to guess riddles.


If day Birth takes place in a sauna - do not get lost. Arrange draw Phantom and the loser though, jumping into the pool, it croaks. The best "frog" was given a symbolic prize. Or pick up a pre-musical passages about the fairy-tale characters that live in water or thrive in the heat. Distribute roles and let the guests represent, for example, water, whose "life-tin" or a lion cub, which lies in the sun.

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